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Our team of professional photographers in Dubai are handpicked and trained by the world’s most sought-after artists and photographers, our unique style coupled with our passion for high quality commercial and family photography has helped us gain many high-profile clients in Dubai.
With over a decade of photography experience in Egypt and UAE, we possess invaluable local-knowledge and have established ourselves as a leading photography team in Dubai that specialize in event photography, creative fashion photography, food photography, and e-commerce photography. It doesn’t end there – our dedicated team of corporate photographers in Dubai are amongst the best in region with our final results, and have earned a stellar reputation as the leaders and pioneers in product photography, food photography, contemporary interior photography, and professional headshot photography.

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In addition to traditional photography and videography


also offer drones shootings.

Tall Photographer is your go to LICENSED drone pilot across whole UAE.
drone promotional photos and videos, event coverage, aerial photography and videography, time lapses, tourism premises advertisement, real estate ads and many, many more!

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Photographer play a vital role in any business, advertising, event or trade show. The right service can take your brands image to the next level or (if getting photos for an event) provide a clear record of the day that you can then use to market your future events.

A professional photo shoot allows you to get the images you need efficiently and conveniently without spending a fortune. TallPhotographer team will work with you to ensure that all of your images communicate effectively the message that you are trying to get across.

What TallPhotographer Can Do for Your Business

A product photographer dubai can do many things for your business, all of which revolve around more effectively communicating with your target audience through visual imagery. The images you use in your businesses marketing materials, corporate communications and across your website and brand assets says a lot about who you are and what you stand for. The ultimate goal should be to ensure that the images you are using maintain the same standard of quality as your products and services.

Many times the first image someone sees in relation to you can also be their first impression of you as an individual or organization. For this reason, everything from your team photos and headshots to your advertising images must be of the highest-quality.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer 

The are countless reasons to hire a professional photographer. A few would be:

  • Product launch

  • Business dinners/social events

  • Award ceremonies

  • Conferences

  • Ad campaigns

So, whether you are hosting an awards lunch or a business conference of any size, professional photographs are a must have. Your event will be judged not only on its content on the day but also how it is promoted beforehand and recorded afterwards. A professional photographer can help in nearly every commercial situation. Local professional photographers can ensure that you have professional photographs of the place hosting the event, of the people involved and of any awards or products that are central to the event. It is also important that photographs are captured without the photographer becoming invasive. No one wants a camera directly in their face at a luncheon or product launch; and yet at the same time, if their photograph is going to be taken, everyone present is going to want to ensure it is their best side that is captured. An experienced professional can walk this fine line in any environment, ensuring that you get the best possible pictures without your guests, customers or network feeling uncomfortable.

What to Look for When hiring a Professional Photographer

Of course, to benefit from professional photography services, you need to ensure you hire the right one. While you will have a budget you need to stick to, cost should never be the ultimate deciding factor. Choosing a cheap service over an experienced one is the quickest way to being left with substandard photographs or the photographer not showing up. Besides cost, there are many things to consider to ensure you hire the best person for your business.

When approaching a company, agency or freelancer, you need to take time to talk to them about your goals, need and/or event, what you hope to gain from hiring a professional photographer, and what you expect from them before, during and after the photographs have been taken. A professional company will be happy to discuss your needs, explain what they can offer and discuss the finer points of the project to ensure that they can meet your requirements. 

Ask to see a portfolio of previous work and also request references from previous clients. Taking the time to do extra research now can prevent a host of problems later on. Ensure that you meet the actual photographers and discuss their approach to your specific project. If you are hiring more than one professional photographer, ascertain the skills and experience of each of them and be clear what each one will be focusing on during the day. 

Finally, check aspects such as their insurance, the turn around time for your photographs, and the overall costs (including any extras that you agree to). When you choose a professional company such as TallPhotographer team, you know you are in good hands and will receive transparent prices upfront.