"Tall Photographer" is a Dubai based professional photographer,

with over decade of experience in portrait, commercial and corporate photography.

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Portrait photography is about much more than a snapshot of somebody's face, it's about capturing the essence of a person's identity and attitude,

it's about catching one and only moments with the certain emotions.

Commercial photography is a popular word these days. But its not all about large teams creating images in a studio for big ad campaigns,

for me it's about passion and seeing objects from the best, possible angle. Commercial photography actually includes a wide range of photography niches.

Corporate photography is type of photography used for promoting a company's brand, products and services.

Corporate photography is also great way to document social events and create visual content for internal newsletters, quarterly reports, and marketing materials.

Food photography is about much more than a snapshot, it's about capturing the taste and identity of the plate.

Event photography is the way of immortalizing all the special moments at gatherings like weddings, parties, galas or corporate events. 

Videography is based not only on capturing the motion, it is as well the approach to the shooting itself along with developing and editing the videos.

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