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Promote your company brand, product or service with one of the best corporate photographer and videographer in Dubai. Tell your company story by documenting social events and creating visual content for internal newsletters, quarterly reports and other marketing materials with us.

Corporate Photography in Dubai

What is Corporate Photography

Businesses use all kinds of content to drive in potential customers. Content can come in a variety of forms but the most effective still remains to be visual. Corporate photography serves as a way to promote and sell a company’s brand. This is done through showcasing and providing potential investors and customers with a view of your company’s structure as a whole.


Photographs of company events, office spaces, group shots etc. are all in service of showing the strength and unity of the staff within your business.

What We Offer

Among other things, we specialise in:

  • Group Shots

  • Personal Headshots

  • Company Events

  • Building and Office Spaces

And so much more! Highly qualified and highly trusted among the best clients, TallPhotographer provides just the right levels of casual professionalism to paint the canvas for the story your company wants to tell

From Products to Company Faces

Grow your product with our commercial photography and videography service. We offer high quality videography services for live streaming and high definition photography for any event. Create quality product images to boost online sales with our wide array of studio equipment. From backdrops to lightboxes, we have all the tools necessary to take the right image for any required context.

Why Choose Us For Your Company

We are driven by our passion to provide our clients with everything they need to grow their business. We work collaboratively to ensure that every opinion is heard and every task is met. Whether it’s products or company headshots photography, we have what it takes to show the world what your business truly means.


Contact us through the provided phone number or schedule a shoot using our quick and easy contact form today.

Whether you are shaking the hand of a CEO or the recipient of this quarter's award for outstanding service, corporate photography can help you tell your company story to the media and the public. Contact us at Tall Photographer to schedule your next important photo shoot from signing documents to breaking ground at the new building.
Cover Your Next Product Rollout or Corporate Event
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Help your new product go viral with our commercial photography services. We offer videographer services for live streaming the announcement ceremony and high-definition photography ready to capture the best side of your VIP guests. Are you holding a major charity event? We can snap pictures of all your most valuable guests while you concentrate on building relationships.
Create Eye Catching Images for Online Sales and Video Ads
It takes a professional to create quality product images for online sales. Our studio features the light boxes, backdrops, and equipment required to get the right shot the first time. Other commercial photography services include creating the right image for every variation, size, and color of your product to help the customer see precisely what is being ordered. We can also create video loops for your television and online ad placements.
Pair Every Press Release with the Right Image