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TallPhotographer Team are specialist conference and corporate event photographers in Dubai. Through our range of professional photography services, we make sure that each of our clients receives the highest quality experience. Our number one goal is to ensure that you are left completely satisfied and with pictures that will leave a lasting memory. So whether you have a product launch, high-profile corporate event or a company conference, our professional team of event photographers in London will exceed your expectations.

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The BEST Event Photography and Videography Service in Dubai

TallPhotographer Team are here for you anytime and anywhere, photos and videos taken 24-7, edited pictures delivered the next day by 10am.

Capture moments and memories of any event with powerful visual storytelling only available with us, the best event photographers in Dubai. From festivals, birthday parties, weddings and so much more! We turn one time events into timeless memories with our talented team of highly skilled photographers.

What is Event Photography?

In short, it is the practice of photographing guests and any occurrences at events or occasions. It is an art form that captures the shared experiences of everyone that was part of it. 


In this day and age it may seem easy to just open up a phone camera and start taking snapshots of the event. However, having a reliable team of highly qualified photographers on standby to take snapshots of those important moments may just be the difference between something good and something greater.

How We Can Elevate Events

We do more than just capture pictures, we take snapshots of important memories in places you’d never think to look. Our team of event photographers in Dubai are more than willing to give you that experience without interrupting your events. Step up and show the world how it feels to be a part of your team or business with our thorough and detailed coverage. We will do our best to deliver the best samples to show on your portfolio or social media platform

Subtle But Stylish

Our highly talented team of event photographers in Dubai are well versed in keeping our presence minimal. We offer a holistic package of high quality photos without interruptions or interfering with these events. Our style can fit and adapt to your branding, making sure your message is more than sent. Get the best event photography packages in Dubai now! Contact us through our quick and easy form to book sessions today.

We understand how important and essential each event is to your business or personal life. Our fully experienced team of photographers are ready to give you the best experience with your events. We can cover a wide range of marketing and PR assignments that your company may need. Whether you’re an established business, a budding entrepreneur or a fledgling start up, make sure each event is captured with respect and care. Get in touch and book a session with the best event photographers in Dubai now!

Dubai’s Premiere Event and Corporate Photography Service

TallPhotographer Team is at the very forefront of corporate and conference photography in Dubai and across the UAE. Our team of photographers are passionate and dedicated to giving you the highest quality photographs to showcase. Over the years, we’ve built up a strong client base of both professional and private clients. Our photographers are happy taking on almost any project, always striving to ensure the needs of our customers are met. We have fostered a network of professional photographers within London and across the UAE who are able to cover every type of occasion, both indoors and out, anywhere in the country and beyond. 

Our team is the leading Photography company in Dubai and have captured photographs at several esteemed conferences. We have experience ranging from product launches to high-profile company conferences and always give our clients complete freedom to ensure we capture exactly what they envision.

Although we specialise in corporate and conference photography, we are dedicated to meeting your expectations with a wide range of services. Our teams will provide your guests, corporate or otherwise, with a professional and enjoyable experience, and ensure we deliver you both technical skills as well as competitive pricing. We have carefully designed our services to provide an affordable alternative to other providers. As such, The Photo Team have innovated and transformed to become one of the leading providers of event photography in Dubai. With over 12 years of professional event experience and a 100% track record of client satisfaction, we are confident we will exceed your expectations during your next event.

Remember Your Special Event with Event Photography

Are you planning a huge event and would love to capture the precious moments through timeless event photography? If so, why not hire someone that specializes in event photography. Event photography is a great way to remember your milestones and share it with all the special people in your life. It is a way to capture the many candid emotions of the people you are celebrating and remembering what made your event so special.


Someone that specializes as freelancer event photographer  will have all the right gear and the right personality to take amazing photos of all the excitement and emotion of your guests having a great time. If you are in need of an event photographer in Dubai, contact Tall Photographer. I believe in photos, in the truth hidden in them, and the fact that life is too short to not be doing what you really believe in.