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Whether you’re a restaurant looking for stunning images of your signature dishes, a hotel searching for contemporary works of art, or a chef that requires a catalogue of photographs for an upcoming cook book, our talented team of Freelance food stylists and food photographers know exactly how to capture a dish in a way that is both artistic and visually appealing.

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we have more than 10 years of experience in food photography, videography and food styling



Your food is amazing. You need powerful images that will stir the senses, and convey the true quality to your clients. Exceptional images are an essential investment and will really take your business to the next level for years to come. Whether you are a producer, restaurant owner, chef, or author, the best quality images are absolutely essential in bringing your food or lifestyle business to life. We will give your brand confidence and a clear visual identity, with credibility and a distinctive style that will truly stand out. Dubai food photographer

As a driven and accomplished food photographers, We work closely with our clients to understand any brief and create a visualisation of concept. Crafting perfect imagery to translate the aroma, the flavours, and the textures into incredible images with beautiful lighting and composition is an artform, but no less than your food deserves.

Capture dishes in the most artistic way it can be. Our talented team of freelance food stylists and food photographers are here to showcase your dishes with an aesthetic flair. Whether you’re a restaurant looking to show off your latest dish, a hotel looking to fill your walls with new works of art or a chef wanting to stuff their pages full of their own delicious treats, we at TallPhotographer have your back.

What is Food Photography

It’s pretty straightforward, food photography refers to a branch of commercial, still life photography mainly focused on food. It is used to craft elegant visual content fit for any magazine, advertisement, cookbook etc. It acts similar to e-commerce photography, in that it helps boost brand presence and drive sales by showcasing products. Food Photography also allows customers to get a visual grasp on what they are ordering.

What We Can Offer

Powerful images that stir the senses and show the true quality of it to your clients. Investing in exceptional images from one of the best food photographers in Dubai can take your culinary endeavours to another level. Bring your food or lifestyle to life with us, we will help form brand confidence and a clear visual identity through our effective and highly trained team.

Passionate And Driven to Serve

We at TallPhotographer are always ready and passionate to serve high quality food photography in Dubai. We make sure that the integrity of your food brand shines through the most in every delicious picture. The power of effective food photography cannot be underestimated, especially in this age of digital deliveries. Work with us and get the best food photography in Dubai!

What We Can Do For Your Food

The beauty of food is in more than just its taste, every other sense plays a big part in how we enjoy each. It’s hard to convey these senses on a digital screen nowadays. We at TallPhotographer understand this and are driven to make sure that the food you are showing your customers fits the message you want to sell. Every ingredient and every stunning feature of your dish gets to shine. We do more than just work with you, we collaborate and innovate on the next product shoot. Interested? Contact us at our easy-to-use contact form and get your shoots scheduled today!


Booking a food photographer has never been easier! Whether to show off a spectacular new food menu, create packaging for your product or design a chef’s cookbook, our photographers are on demand to make this happen for you.

Food photography has always been an integral asset for magazines, websites, menus, Instagram and other marketing materials. Fortunately, professional food photographers In Dubai are now available at the click of a button. Our food photographers are not only well experienced and use specialist photographic techniques but they are skilled in food styling too so you can trust us to produce the tastiest result.


Only with TallPhotographer, you will find food photography on demand and available everywhere in the Dubai area. Furthermore, your photos will be edited and sent to you within 48 hours or less.


Book the best food photographer now - we will make your next dish irresistible.