Freelancer Photographer

Record Your Celebration when You Hire a Freelance Photographer

Is it going to be the biggest night of your life? Make sure to grab all the right pictures and hire a freelance photographer like Tall Photographer today. Whether you are getting married, celebrating a big birthday, or getting together with friends from long ago, we can capture all the most important moments with one of our freelance packages.


Freelance Videographer Captures Every Minute of the Big Day


Do you want to save the first dance forever? We also offer freelance videographer services ready to record all your friends' wishes for a happy future, the actual wedding ceremony, or the big speech at your father's retirement party. We are able to edit the entire day into a feature-length video perfect for sharing and remembering down the road.


Create an Epic Social Media Post when You Work with a Freelance Photographer


Do you have the best idea for a viral video or even a blog post worth thousands of clicks but lack the camera and experience to execute? Give us a call, and we can provide a professional photographer ready to grab your genius at a local Dubai hotspot or your backyard. We can help edit your image to create an eye-catching meme or stage the event for the best repeat viewing.


Hire Us for a Few Hours or the Entire Day


Is your group heading out for a day long celebration? Our freelance services can be scheduled for a one hour, two-hour, or all-day event based on an hourly rate. Since we are local, we can come to your location or provide the studio space you need for your special video shoot. Would you like to learn more about our freelance services? Click or call for a complete pricing list, scheduling availability, and optional services.