Portrait Photography​

Sit for Your Picture using Photography Services Near Me

Whether your child is passing a milestone or you need to update your professional image, Tall Photographer offers professional portrait photography at our studio right here in Dubai. We can create the formal or casual scene needed to tell the story of your celebration or achievement. If you are interested in a setting that highlights your lifestyle, we can come to you at the appointed place and time.


Graduation, Wedding, and Promotion Announcements


Are you ready to announce your family's celebration to the world? Use photography services near me from Tall Photographer and get your graduation pictures completed. We will provide a full selection of images, multiple poses, or even wardrobe changes so you are able to add the right portrait to the local news announcement, party invitations and letters to favorite relatives.


Update Your Headshot


Are you on the hunt for a new job? Use our portrait photography specialists to give your resumes and more personal touch with an up to date headshot. We can help you set the stage with an office setting, laboratory, library, or other appropriate background imagery. Ask us for tips on appropriate wardrobe, makeup, and hair for the big day. Add your headshot to your emails and improve recognition with associates in a crowded situation.


Complete Your Company Directory with Professional Portraits


Is the wall of corporate VIPs looking faded or out of date? Use photography services near me to schedule a corporate portrait shoot for all your most valued employees. We can help you deliver the recognition they deserve while building a library of professional images made for press releases and corporate announcements.


Do you need to schedule a portrait sitting for yourself of your family? Give us a call or use our easy online contact form to reserve your time today.