10 best places for photo shooting in Dubai

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1. Burj Khalifa -

Currently the highest building in the world, the most iconic handmade structure of the present times. Burj Khalifa is nearly 1km high and is located in the heart of Dubai’s Downtown. You can shoot both: outside or inside of the building. Don’t miss having a trip in the fastest lift ever, which will take you to the 128th floor in less than a minute. Not only it is the best place to take photos with Dubai’s skyline in the background but also definitely a go place if you are visiting Dubai. Our tip: photos with the wings painted on the window’s glass of the Burj Khalifa - absolute Instagram hit to be completed with shots of The Wings of Mexico located just outside of the Burj.

2. Burj Al Arab -

The only 7 stars hotel in the world, built nearly 25 years ago, still remains the unconditional symbol of Dubai! Sail shaped building that looks amazing from every angle. You can easily access great shooting locations with Burj Al Arab in the background from Jumeirah Public Beach.

3. Dubai Creek Harbour -

One of the newest neighborhoods of Dubai, located in the old town. It is the best place to capture the full Dubai skyline from the riverside. The complex is still under construction which gives you good chances of visiting it without the risk of finding the place overcrowded.

4. The Atlantis -

Another iconic hotel on the must go list when visiting and shooting in Dubai. Hotel is located on an artificial island called Palm Jumeirah. Looks great from outside - you can capture it from newly arranged The Pointe. Inside of the hotel you can find probably one of the biggest aquariums in the world. Great shooting locations with kids.

5. Dubai Mall -

If we are speaking about big aquariums - you need to visit Dubai Mall and their enormous, full of all possible sea species water tanks. You can photograph yourself both from a few levels of Dubai Mall while still having the aquarium in your background and from a very cool underwater tunnel where you are surrounded by big blue.

6. Blue Waters and Ein Dubai -

Dubai is famous for the biggest constructions in the world and here there is no difference - the biggest ferris wheel ever built. Almost 2 times bigger than London Eye. While it's still under construction it’s already accessible from a few nearby places from where you can get amazing shots.

7. Miracle Garden -

One of the most romantic places in Dubai. Full of flowers, colorful, friendly and very peaceful. The best location in Dubai for the couple’s and family photo shootings.

8. Old Souk -

If you are looking for a bit of tradition and a lot of Arabic vibes - Old Souk and generally old Dubai is definitely for you. The old style buildings, local markets with spices and gold are very colorful and full of history. Don’t forget to jump on an old style boat which takes you across the river. Perfect places to photograph for some cool shots.

9. The Meydan Bridge -

Great for the night shots. Illuminated with blue lights, very modern, wave shaped construction. The most important is that Meydan Bridge is not a part of public roads yet. You can access it and enjoy being probably the only person there at the time. Great, hype shots warranted.

10. Al Qudra Lakes -

The easiest and the most accessible desert shooting location in Dubai. You can find both desert and lake there plus a few really amazing shooting locations like for example the bicycle track being split by one lonely tree in the middle of the sandy dunes. Great for sunrise and sunset shootings.

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